Q:  Is my wrestler expected to attend all tournaments?

A: The tournaments provide each wrestler with an opportunity to employ the techniques they are learning against athletes from other wrestling programs.  It also gives the wrestler a chance to support his/her teammates in their matches. And, a wrestler will need to compete in at least five tournments during the season to be eligible for the final tournment at the end of the season - Regionals - with a chance to earn a medal. With this in mind, participation at the tournaments is optional. 

Q:  What is expected of wrestling parents who volunteer  at practices and/or tournaments?

A:  Parents from each club are expected to assist with scorekeeping duties at most tournaments. No experience necessary to fulfill this role - training is provided.  There are typically three parents/older siblings needed for each age group.  You will be asked to volunteer for your child's age group with the caveat that you will be allowed to leave the table if your son/daughter is wrestling on another mat.  Parent involvement is critical to ensure the tournament runs smoothly and it also boosts the morale fo the wrestlers.  

 In addition, the Force welcomes all parents who would like to assist at practice or help coach at tournaments. All volunteers at practice must support the direction of the Coach leading the practice session. In addition, volunteers must lend a hand to any wrestler who needs assistance and not simply hover around their child.  There may be a certification requirement to coach at the tournaments. More information on this will be posted when the tournament schedule is announced.