Gentlemen, Thank you for the positive influence the Force and your individual coaching and mentoring styles had on D and S, really our entire family. Each of you set conditions for both D and S to appreciate a lifelong love of the sport. More importantly, your leadership reinforced the character and sportsmanship traits we attempt to instill at home, and did so while teaching the children to have fun. Our time at the Force also overcame some challenges we experienced at other clubs.
— Force Dad

I’m writing to share an awesome story from Sunday’s tournament at Woodgrove H.S. involving Bo, Tyson, and Owen. The best part came at the end of Owen’s first match, but please let me set the stage with some background:

Owen was having a rough morning that day to include uttering the words, “I don’t want to wrestle today...I just want to go home.” He made it through weigh-ins and begrudgingly persevered through team warm-ups. We worked with him throughout the morning and eventually had him mentally ready to wrestle. Fortunately for Owen, Coach Martinez was his coach in his first match. The match went the distance and Owen wound up winning a close match by points.

Towards the end of the 3rd period, I noticed that both Bo and Tyson were intently watching Owen’s match. It was nice to see the camaraderie, but I didn’t realize what was going on until the end of the match.

After the referee raised Owen’s hand and gave him the bout sheet, Bo and Tyson were both right there to congratulate Owen. Both boys patted Owen’s shoulder and told him “good job” — and they both said it sincerely and with conviction. They both walked with him from the mat to the table where the boys turn in the bout sheets. Bo even said, “wow, I’ve never seen someone wrestle like that in the younger group.” The prideful and happy look on Owen’s face when Bo and Tyson congratulated him was simply priceless. And it’s that moment for which I want to thank you both. Your boys wouldn’t have done something like that without your unending guidance. Thank you...thank you for being positive role models.

We chose wrestling for Owen because it is inherently a sport where you win or lose based on your individual effort. Owen went on to win all three of his matches that day. Most importantly though, Bo and Tyson demonstrated—through their actions—that wrestling is also a team sport. A sport where being there for your teammates can have equally profound impacts as the victories and defeats experienced on the mat.

Their actions, in my humble opinion, were the most memorable part of that day for Owen (and certainly made a huge impact with his mom and me).

As I exited the building, I noticed a quote written on a wall there at Woodgrove H.S. It read, “It is our choices that show what we truly are far more than our abilities.” Sunday, your boys showed the strength of their character through the choices they made in that moment. You both should be very proud.

Best regards,
— Force Dad
I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all you do for [A]. I hadn’t told you this before, but [A] has some developmental issues that effect him physically and his mental processing ability. I can not tell you how much self-confidence that wrestling has given to him. His grades starting going up last fall after he started wrestling which both his teachers and I attribute to the self-confidence he gained from wrestling. I know sometimes it seems like you and the other coaches have to tell him the same thing over and over...but with him it is the first time until it finally “clicks.” So I wanted to say a HUGE Thank You to you and the other Force are making a huge difference in [A] life both on the mat, in the classroom, and in his life.

Thank you,
— Force Mom

'.... Last season was truly fantastic, far exceeded my expectations for [wrestler] and we are grateful for that.  [Wrestler] had fun, became tougher/more athletic, learned a lot and made great friends.  From my perspective, it was an experience that I way underestimated.  Number one, coaching kids (in general) was way more rewarding than I imagined.  Number two, getting to know [Force Coach] and watching [Force Coach] leadership, technical coaching ability and character-building was awesome.  [Force Coach] really have a gift and have a huge impact on the kids.  It is an amazing way to 'give back'.  I thought that we, as coaches had fun and did a great job shaping the kids last season (under [Force Coach] guidance/following your lead).  I have spoken often about the club to other parents and I bet you will have a couple new kids this season that I referred."

                                                      - Force Dad